On March 8, 2024, the Receiver began issuing invoices for amounts due in arrears to all fractional interest position holders (a.k.a., investors) on a per policy (as in per series trust) basis. All invoices for all series trusts in which one or more fractional interest position holders had an amount due in arrears, including administrative fees, were issued on or before May 14, 2024.

As expressly stated on the invoices, payments were due not later than 30 days from the issue date of the invoice. As of July 4, 2024, those investors who have not yet paid their invoices for amounts due in arrears are at least a month past due.

All investors are hereby notified that all outstanding invoices must be paid in full by no later than 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time on July 31st, 2024. NO EXTENSIONS OR EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED.

Once this deadline passes, all outstanding and unpaid invoices will be canceled by the Receiver, and the benefit amounts associated with each such invoice will be permanently forfeited.

Those investors who wish to preserve their investments and any benefit amount associated with any fractional position for which they have an outstanding invoice MUST remit payment in full for such invoice no later than July 31, 2024 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. NO ADDITIONAL WARNINGS OR TIME WILL BE GRANTED. IF YOU DO NOT PAY YOUR OUTSTANDING INVOICES, YOUR FRACTIONAL INTEREST POSITIONS AND ALL MONIES PREVIOUSLY TENDERED IN RELATION TO THEM WILL BE PERMANENTLY FORFEITED.